Our Team

Our progamm is all-based on spanish educational model, full of enjoyable activities for children and adults. You’ll never forget it!

In Hi School Idioms  we really consider important that you know who will take care of your child and will be with you during all the School Year. Moreover, who are the people behind the management and those who will be supervising their progress. We love that you identify us to make a better approach!♥

This company was formed by Maryluz González and María José Pérez, two proffesional agents of children and adults education with a long formation period in School Year Programs for foreign students. We’re glad to see you in Murcia!

María José Pérez

CEO and Director

Maryluz González

CEO and Director

Our Clients

We work closely with organisms and companies who trust in us as an option for the education of hundreds of children in the Spanish Education System. Our methodology is creating an strong bond between HiSpanish and them, fully based on our experience and their confidence.