Host Families


  • It is the family that will receive you and stay during your stay in Spain, they will help you to integrate in your new life.
  • They will welcome you as one more member, they will collaborate in your education and your learning, you will live with them your day to day in Spanish.


  • Receive the student as one more member.
  • Show patience and understanding
  • Provide the student with a home.
  • Provide the student with a single room (occasionally it can be shared).
  • Provide the student a place to study.
  • Provide full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner (except if the institute has dining service).
  • Include the student in family activities (combined and coordinated with the activities of Hi Spanish).



  • Show respect and adaptability to family norms.
  • Fulfill your obligations of coexistence as cleaning your room, collaborate in the usual chores, how to put and remove table etc.
  • Cost your personal expenses (mobile, clothing, gifts … etc).
  • To pay for your extraordinary expenses (trips at the end of the course … etc).
  • The consumption of alcohol and drugs will mean the expulsion of the program, and the immediate return of the student to his home.

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