Our School Year Program is aimed at international students who want to take a quarter, a semester or the entire school year at a school in the Spanish Educational System. We have made an important selection of secondary schools and institutes in order to collaborate with those that best suit our students.

All of them give official lessons that are fully comparable to their completion. This program is aimed at students from 12 years of age, and must have an intermediate level of Spanish.

You can study…

High School

(from 12 years old)

  • First Course
  • Second Course
  • Third Course
  • Fourth Course

(from 15 years old)

  • First Course
  • Second Course
Training Cycles Middle Grade

(from 15 years old)

  • Health
  • Gastronomy
  • Audiovisuals

and more…

Training Cycles Superior Grade

(from 18 years old)

  • Health
  • Gastronomy
  • Audiovisuals

and more…

Our program includes

Individual advice throughout the admission process
Supervision during the school year from our members
24 / 7 availability for parents and scholars
Selection and enrollment in the chosen College
Costs derived from teaching at the host College
Accommodation in a Spanish host family from our selection
Full board with the host family throughout the year
Private health insurance for your safety
Books and school materials necessary for the season
School and sportive uniforms included in the price
Transfer from/to Murcia or Alicante Airport (max. 6)
Orientation before the arrival for parents and children
School support along the course for the students
Evaluation reports about the student for the families

School centers

Spanish Education System

The Spanish educational system is compulsory from 6 to 16 years old. Once compulsory schooling ends, the student will choose between taking baccalaureate (to later enter the university) or to pursue vocational training. There are three types of colleges / institutes, public, state-owned (partly state-funded, in compulsory degrees) and wholly private. The course usually begins in mid-September and ends in late June, Christmas and Easter holidays are given, and some days vary by school and region. The hours are usually from 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. although it depends on the school, private schools usually have an afternoon schedule ending classes around 5:00 p.m. We will delve into the stages that are of interest to our students:
The stage of Compulsory Secondary Education normally runs from 12 to 16 years old, consists of four courses and is organized into two cycles: The first cycle consists of three school years (1st, 2nd and 3rd of ESO). The second cycle consists of one (4th of ESO). When finishing 4th of ESO, the title of Graduate in Compulsory Secondary Education is obtained, which allows access to either Baccalaureate or Professional Training.
The baccalaureate, normally between the ages of 16 and 18, is organized into two 1st and 2nd baccalaureate courses and can be done in three different modalities, science, humanities or arts modality. The bachelor’s degree allows students to sit for the University entrance exam (EBAU) and / or access the Higher Level Training Cycles. In high school, a series of compulsory subjects will be taken for all, other electives and others that are specific to the chosen modality.
It is normally studied from the age of 16 and is structured in two cycles:
• Medium-Level Training Cycles – the Technical Degree is obtained
• Higher Level Training Cycles – the Higher Technician Title is obtained
Vocational training courses include a practical training phase in work centers. The qualification obtained with the Higher Technician in the corresponding profession is a certification that can be approved in the European labor market.

We have secured places in the best schools in Murcia. They are characterized by being schools with high quality standards in both education and facilities. They are delighted to have students like you, and will do their best to make your stay there as positive as possible.

When your stay is over, your results will be officially certified so that you can approve them in your country. We have Public, Private and Concerted schools.

If you prefer, you can also continue your studies in a bilingual school, with the aim of expanding the British or French curriculum. You can live with a Spanish family and in a totally Spanish environment, to learn the language through immersion.

Our families will treat you like another member. They will show patience and understanding. They will provide a room and a place to study, but more importantly, a home. They will provide full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner (except if the school has a dining room service). They will include you in family activities and will make your stay in Spain wonderful and authentic.

Instituto Cascales
Colegio San Jorge
Colegio Montepinar

If you prefer, you can also continue your studies in a bilingual school, with the aim of expanding the British or French curriculum. Yo can live with a Spanish family and in a full-spanish environment , to learn the language through the immersion.

Liceé Français
King’s College
El Limonar Internacional

School Year